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Why don't cell phone manufacturers have gift earphones anymore?

In smart phone just developing period, the mobile phone brand strength of our country is not very strong, so a lot of mobile phone manufacturers to improve their sales of mobile phones by giving a lot of gifts when buyers buy mobile phones. It would be very expensive buying a mobile phone , of course like the headset charging line, and so on are all gifts.However, later I found that many mobile phone manufacturers have reduced the number of gifts. For example, many mobile phone manufacturers do not give headphones as gifts when buying mobile phones.Why?


The first reason: mobile phone manufacturers to save the cost of mobile phones

Now the mobile phone manufacturers began to go to the cost-effective route, even always with a high price low oppo and vivo mobile phone are gradually changing strategy, in such a very competitive situation, not only to ensure the quality of their mobile phone and hardware configuration, but also to ensure that the price is not too high, how to do?Only some gifts that do not affect the user's experience have been cancelled. Generally, charger and earphone are the two gifts of mobile phones, but the demand for earphones is not so large. Therefore, considering the comprehensive consideration, only earphones given in mobile phones have been cancelled.Don't underestimate the cost of a pair of headphones. For those mobile phone brands with particularly large shipments, a lot of headphones together can be a very high price.


The second reason: consider the need for higher levels of headphones

No handset manufacturer gives away a particularly good earphone. After all, no handset manufacturer has ever given a particularly good earphone at the risk of losing money.In fact, when we come across gifts in life, the gifts are generally not very good, mainly for the sake of apparent passability.Therefore, in the case of ordinary earphones, many people will not use the earphones given by mobile phone manufacturers at all, and they will choose to buy higher level earphones for use, which are much better in terms of sound quality and function than the earphones given as gifts.So manufacturers to consider this a problem simply cancel directly calculate. It can not only save cost, also can ensure himself has always been a good public praise. We can know that affect a mobile phone brand from many places, if many people poking fun at the brand of headphones is bad, for the brand itself must also have an impact, so cancel the headset is another arrow 3 carve.


The third reason: to increase the sales of mobile phone accessories

The accessory is the headset accessory of course, mobile phone manufacturers are now  a lot of headphones for sale, of course, is better than the gift headsets, in general, a lot of people who buy a mobile phone brand in choosing a headset is also will choose the same brand of headphones, because the fitment is stronger, so at this time, mobile phone manufacturers can improve a lot of accessories sales.


cancel the giving of earphones is actually benefit for mobile phone manufacturers the most, because of the mobile phone manufacturers can save costs, can also keep a better reputation, will plus one more parts on the yield.