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Why are good headphones so expensive?

When chosing headphone,many consumers are concerned about the price .The price of a product, often can be reflected in a few centralized place, the first is the materials, the second is the production process, there is market promotion cost and cost of sales, and so on, so understanding why so much of a product, first of all, from just what we call a few aspects to analyze.

Why so expensive if you want to say hello to the headset, there are many nice headphones are not expensive, there are also many expensive headphones sound really bad, but in order to let everybody to be able to have a more comprehensive understanding of headphones, we can still from many aspects of understanding and analysis on the headphones, the most direct is to know how is headsets are made!

Headphone manufacturing process

In addition to the drive unit, exquisite design, beautiful shape, good workmanship is also expensive.A somewhat decent headphones basic has price is $three hundred, the European market around $20 headphones are made in China guangdong basic purchase price under 3 euros branded goods, general mold, general structure, without any design, place an order today, tomorrow and a printing and packaging becomes a new brand.

Starting at $200, you can buy stylish headphones with a redesigned, universal, stable driver unit.The top headphone makers have their own design, development and engineering departments, and these high costs will eventually be passed on to consumers, so don't expect cheap good products.

Headphone raw material

Of course, the price of raw materials is also very important. The drive unit, the cable, the shell, and the magnet inside the shell, the packaging technology, if you want to do it well, it will cost a lot of money.For example, a good earphone magnet is much stronger than a normal earphone magnet.The stronger the magnet, the higher the cost.

Sound insulation of earphones is comfortable

For most people living in cities, earphone insulation is a deadly problem.Excellent soundproofing not only prevents noise from invading the ear and allows you to hear all the dynamic details of music at low volume, but also relates to deep low-frequency reverberations.Everyone wants headphones to be comfortable in their ears, so there are many different types of soundproofing options on the market, as well as traditional rubber, compression sponges and treetop earmuffs.Which one is the best depends on personal preferences, good headphones will generally be equipped with a variety of solutions to meet consumers.It also adds to the cost of a good headset.

My Suggestions for buying headphones

The cheapest entry-level multi-drive headphones are apple's in-ear headphones (purchased separately from the original iPod and iPhone), which have two drive units that handle treble and medium to low tones.Prices go up with the class. Shur's SE530, officially $500, has three drive units.Ultimate's ue-11 Pro, which officially sells for $1,150, has four drive units -- two low-frequency drives, one medium-frequency drive and one high-frequency drive.But rationally, $150 is the dividing line between price and quality.The price anchor point for high-end headphones is so high that consumers are apparently tempted to shell out $150 for a good headset, which is usually never returned.

The "law of diminishing returns" that applies to many areas also applies to earphone consumption, i.e., the difference between $400 earphones and $500 earphones is not as big as the difference between $15 earphones and $100 earphones.Even narrower is the gap between older and upgraded versions of the same headphones.

A common mistake when buying headphones

The good headphones you're looking for are usually ones that respond well to all bands of music, not ones that are strong enough to overwhelm another band.The best headphones are usually not stunning on a single listen.For example, some consumers like some earphones with very strong low-frequency, which does not mean that the bass is very good and the overall quality is high, but simply because the earphones are adjusted with some manipulation. This level of adjustment must lose the response and resonance of other sounds in addition.

The driver unit of the headset

The earplug or earphone works like a speaker, only miniaturized.The key to sound is the driver unit.The headphone driver unit is much smaller than the big speaker and does a lot of streamlining but make sure we hear the same music.

There are three main types of headphone driving units: moving coil type, balancing moving iron type, and mixed coil iron type with two kinds of units.

The moving coil drive, like the one used in traditional speakers, has the advantage of good low-frequency sound, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to miniaturize the unit, which makes it very difficult to install multiple units in delicate devices like earphones.It is usually seen that the moving coil earphone is a single moving coil unit. In recent years, the miniaturization of the moving coil unit has developed rapidly, and some manufacturers have launched their own multi-moving coil earphone.

The balanced moving iron drive unit is easy to be miniaturized, which is very common in the field of in-ear listening headphones.This driving unit originates from the medical hearing aid. There is a magnetic armature inside the earphone, and the current drives the armature through the coil to generate air pressure and vibration, and the diaphragm gives out sound, which is very sensitive.Able to express the details, grain, texture of sound.The driving unit can be used in conjunction with the moving coil driving unit.

Combine moving coil and moving iron driving units into one driving unit of earphone.

While more and more manufacturers make multi-drive headphones, most headsets on the market have only one drive unit.It is not easy to fit multiple drive units into small Spaces without causing excessive draping, which increases manufacturing costs.The internal structure design, wiring layout and acoustic design of the multi-drive earphone are also very complicated.

Multiple units to achieve frequency division means the signal of different frequencies to the corresponding driver unit, which makes the inner space of the headset more cramped.However, when multiple driver units are properly loaded into a single cavity, the headset will obviously sound better than a single driver unit, because each driver unit plays to its strengths, handling bass, midrange and treble and its own vocal range.Many audio device makers think single-driver headsets are better because the internal architecture and wiring are simpler, or because a single driver unit can seamlessly connect all frequencies.In other words, only one driver unit is used to respond to high, medium and low frequency triplums, which obviously requires higher quality of headphones, which is why many single-driver headphones are expensive.