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Feature of HIFi headphones

Headphones for hi-fi appreciation can be divided into two categories depending on how they work, The working principle of this kind of headphone is the same as that of our common loudspeaker. The coil (voice coil) is driven by signal current to vibrate and make sound in the magnetic field. The electroacoustic device of this kind of working principle has a long history and mature technologySo there is an absolute majority of hi-fi headsets, and they range in price from the affordable to the top listening quality, depending on their electro-acoustic performance.The other kind is static headphone, also known as capacitor headphone, this kind of headphone with movable electric pole diaphragm, the drive voltage is high when working, often must be equipped with an amplifier to drive the headphone work.However, the electro-acoustic performance of this kind of headphone is extremely excellent, but the manufacturing process is strict, the cost is expensive, and it is usually used in the situation where the original high requirements for sound are also very high. 

The headphone is structurally divided into an open sound chamber and a closed sound chamber, which is similar to the invert box and the closed box in the speaker box.However, there are a large number of headphones that open the sound chamber.The two types of headphones have different timbre orientations. Comparatively speaking, the headphones in the open sound chamber are more "relaxed", while the headphones in the closed sound chamber are more "crisp".However, the difference will be different depending on the manufacturer, model.

Among the technical parameters of the headphone, the frequency response range can usually reach 20hz-20khz, the distortion degree can reach about 1%, and the high-quality high-end headphone can reach 0.1%.The sensitivity parameters of headphones vary greatly, with the high ones over 100dB and the low ones only 74dB(such as AKG's K1000).But the sensitivity of most hi-fi headphones is still between 90dB and 100dB.When we choose headphones confirm impedance, should be based on the headset is applied to the audio device, for equipment such as the walkman, should try to choose 8ohm - 32ohm low-resistance headphones, should try to choose high sensitivity headphones at the same time, because the working voltage of the walkman is very low, and most is only 3 v, output power is not big, it is difficult to it to drive  high impedance headphones play superior performance.For desktop CD players, DVD players, etc., it can adapt to high impedance headphones,because the working voltage of this kind of equipment is higher and the output power is higher.But this kind of equipment to promote hundreds of ohm high impedance headphones is still a bit of a “ability not equal to one's ambition”.

Since most cases is to use more than a dozen ohm - dozens ohm headphones, so hundreds of ohm sense high impedance headphones in where?We mentioned earlier, headphones so can have superior acoustic properties, vibration system of light quality, is an important factor, in the part of the headphones, the design goal is to improve the acoustic performance of as much as possible, in order to get perfect acoustic performance, try to reduce the quality of the vibration system, selection of fine copper wire winding voice coil is an important way.But as a result, the impedance of the voice coil is difficult to do low, impedance of this kind of high quality headphones are often more than 2, three hundred ohm, individual even 1000 ohm.For this kind of high quality high resistance headphone, in order to display its superior electro-acoustic performance, it is often necessary to have a high quality amplifier to push it, this kind of amplifier is the headphone amplifier in hi-end equipment, also known as the headphone amplifier.

headphone amplifier is the supporting equipment of high resistance and high quality headphones. In the system using headphone amplifier, both headphones and sound sources should have certain qualities to give full play to their sound effects.For some low-grade headphones, although the sound may be improved to some extent, the low-grade headphones are limited by their own quality, and it is difficult to expect the sound quality to be improved by the earphone amplifier.

When we choose headphones, equipment indicators can not fully explain the pros and cons of the equipment, often need to do subjective evaluation through listening.