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Wired or wireless headphone?

Starting with the release of apple's first AirPods wireless earphones, the phone synchronised with the massive cancellation of the headphone jack.Removing the headphone jack is not good news for consumers.Since many people are used to the 3.5mm headphone jack, simply removing the headphone jack leaves the user with no choice.In 2019, apple finally updated the second generation of AirPods, and there will be more and more wireless headphones to come.But for the average consumer, for you, do you really want wireless headphones to replace wired ones?

In the long run, wireless headsets are the future, but there's no way to completely replace wired headsets.Apple has been pursuing a wireless life for a long time. It started its wireless strategy before AirPods.For example, in the Mac series, the elimination of various interfaces, leaving only one;For example, the aborted AirPower wireless charging board wants to let consumers better experience wireless life.It's not unreasonable for apple to do this. Wired has been around for years, but it's also a little inconvenient.And with all wireless devices, you can do better with your hands.

Apple and others have stepped up their wireless efforts, with AirPods not the only wireless headphones on the market.Traditional audio companies such as SONY, Goethe, AKG, bayer dynamics, sennheiser and magic sound have all more or less introduced wireless headphones, and will follow them if not now.Secondly, android phone manufacturers have started to release wireless earphones, including xiaomi, meizu, huawei, OPPO and other related products.But the market for wireless headphone experience still hasn't surpassed apple's.

Headphone choice cable or wireless, advantages and disadvantages to see

1. Advantages of wired earphones

Wired headphones sound better.Compared to wireless transmission, the wire provides better sound quality.While many people think of sound quality as a bit of a mystery, if you've ever experienced a wireless earphone and a wired earphone, you can tell the difference -- at least for now.Of course, wireless headsets continue to improve in terms of protocols, bluetooth, etc., and it's not impossible for them to surpass wired in the future.It just might take longer.

Wired headphone connections are more stable.Obviously, wireless headphones have many limitations because of the transmission principle.Such as distance, stability, synchronization and so on.There are no stability and synchronization problems with wired headphones, because one cable can solve all problems.However, if the wireless earphone is over a certain distance, it may not be able to receive the bluetooth signal.Secondly, the stability is not as good as the wire, easy to be disturbed by other;Synchrony, as long as you use wireless headphones to watch video feel the sound painting is not synchronized can understand.Speaking of which, if today's wireless headphones were used for the chicken eating game, you might crash.Wired headphones don't need charging.Charging?There's no such thing as a wired headset that allows you to listen to music for as long as your phone has enough power.Wireless headphones, even with a charging case, are nothing compared to wired headphones.What's more, wireless earphones are a complete waste if they run out of power, and you can't even turn them on, let alone use them.

2. Advantages of wireless earphones:

Wireless headphones are more convenient.The wired earphone is stable and powerful, but the wire is easily wound.A lot of times, it takes time to get your wired headphones out of your pocket and out of your backpack -- because wired headphones are definitely the easiest thing in the world to knot.Wireless earphones have no such trouble. They can be taken out and worn at any time, which is more convenient.

Wireless headphones have more features.Wired headphones, a lot of the time is mainly listening to music, almost no other.However, current wireless earphones can be used to wake up Siri and other language assistants (more convenient to wake up). Some products also have translation function. Even in the future, various sensors can be connected to get better wireless earphones to free your hands.Wireless headphones are more useful in a number of practical scenarios, such as going to the bathroom, doing chores, playing on the computer and occasionally cooking dinner.

Wireless headphones are better for exercise: yes, if you've ever tried them on while running, they're annoying.But wireless does not have this problem, can accompany you to carry on the movement better.

What should consumers choose between wireless and wired headphones?

In fact, wireless earphones and wired earphones have their own advantages, but from the use of time, wireless is relatively short, wired has become a habit of people.But while wireless headsets have been slow to develop, consumer acceptance is high.Apple's AirPods, for example, have been teased ever since they were first released, but more and more people are buying them.When the new AirPods are released in 2019, there will be little to say about the sound that doesn't work with wireless headphones.And apple's new AirPods seem poised to add capacity -- according to a new industry report, AirPods' second-generation PCB suppliers are already ramping up production to keep up with surging orders.

If you want better sound quality and a more stable connection, wired headphones are your choice.

Wireless headphones are even better if you prefer to use them while you're moving, and like the various language assistants and sensors that might be available.